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Thursday, July 10, 2014

20 Best Free Blogger Templates 2014

Best Free Blogger Templates
Are you looking for best free blogger templates of the year 2014. Today you will find here all the premium best free blogger templates which are collected from various templates sites. Blogspot community is growing day by day and the number of it's users increased dramatically in the past five years. Blogger is now considered the no2 most popular blogger platform. Due to its popularity designers and developers working day and night on its interface and creating the top notch templates for its users. Indeed a newbie will find it hard to download best template for their blogger blog. Therefore our editorial team compiled a list of more than 10 best free blogger templates collected from different templates galleries.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for July 2014

10 Best Free Wordpress Themes for July 2014
Today we are going to showcase the 10 best free wordpress themes for the month july 2014. All these wordpress themes are premium, professional and responsive layouts. Theme best wordpress themes are very helpful for your next project. All we know that wordpress is the most popular cms than all others cms platforms. About 90% people using Wordpress platform for their blogging career. While the hardest job to work on wordpress is the selection of perfect and SEO friendly theme. Newbies are getting hard when  they are finding for best free wordpress themes. A lot of templates gallery are available in market where we can easily select bundles of wordpress theme for our blog or website. Recently one of our loyal read asked, what are the top best wordpress themes for 2014. So in today's article we will showcase you the list of 10 best free and most popular wordpress themes for 2014.

12 Useful Javascript Tools & Resources

Useful Javascript Tools & Resources
Today we are going to present a list of 12 useful javascrip tools and resources for designers and developers. Most of you already aware with javascript language, that it is a client server script language work in so many blogging platform. Javascript are used most probably in making gadgets, widgets and for scripting purposes. It is quite heavier than language jquery. Developers are often work on javascript to make professional widgets or scripting sliders because it is easy setup and easy to write than all the previous scripting languages. Due to its easy interface and easy to debug developers start working to develop some tools and resources for designers in javascript to make their work more easier. So before jump to the tutorial here you will find all the top pro javascript tools & resources for your blog website.

Linezap Responsive Blogger Template

 Linezap Responsive Blogger Template
Linezap is free responsive and premium SEO friendly blogger template available in multiple colors. This template has been included super seo friendly plugins and neat clean css and html coding without any bug. Linezap is considered multiple purpose template suited for all types of niches. You can use linezpe responsive blogger template for business or personal blog. This template is downloaded by thousands of blogspot users because it has most advance features. The interface of this template if flat, unique and professional one. This template is more suitable for those who want to use magazine style template.

Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Add Instant Domain Search Widget in Blogger Blog

How to Add Instant Domain Search Widget in Blogger
Adding search domain plugin in blogger blog helps your readers to find the domain instantly without going anywhere on the web. A lot of people searching for domain by using different online tools. There are out bundles of online tools available on the web which help in finding the available domains. However, we can easily get the advantage of using such online tools while adding them in  a blog  and allow readers to find their desire domain  names. This tool will not only help our readers but it could also help in decreasing bonus rate of a blog. Recently we found one of the excellent  domain website which provides domain tool to add in a blog or website. So in today's article we will show you how to add  instant domain searching widget in blogger. Let me follow to show you the step by step guide how add this in blogger blog.

Top 10 Most Popular Blogger Widgets and Plugins of 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Blogger Widgets and Plugins of 2014
Today our editorial team grab some of the most professional blogger widgets and plugins which every blospot user must have for a blog. Plugin and widget both are similar words and have same meaning. To let you know, These are special tools which are coded in scripting language like JavaScript, Jaquery and Php and designed it interface mostly in HTML, Css etc. These widgets are of different varieties some of them are limited only to perform a single task while most of widgets helps to give multiple opportunities. e.g A facebook widget box  will work only to increase the fb page likes, which handle a single task. In the same way,  a label widget will help readers to select the desire label from the widget, so here the widget perform multiple task. Almost there are out bundles of widgets available for blogspot blogs same as WordPress on the web. From the couple of days we have been searching for the top and professional blogger plugins and widgets to share with my blogspot readers. So here we will share number of blogger widgets, i bet a single one widget will bring awesomeness in your blog.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Use Google's Link Disavow Tool To Remove Poor Links ?

Use Google's Link Disavow Tool To Remove Poor Links ?
After the introduction of penguin update a lot of low quality sites dropped in SERP ranking. This was not limited to newly born sites, but it has effected even the top notch websites in Google search engine result. In such situations what actually webmasters and SEO experts take an action when their blogs are deadly penalized with low quality backlinks. To let you know. Few years back, Google Introduced a Links tool called Disavow Links Tool which helps to prevent all the desires low quality back-links under your control. This prominent Disavow tool is gifted by the Google Webmaster Room. So before you change anything wrong let me follow to show you the step by step guide on how to use google's links disavow tool to remove poor links.


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